NDRZ50GR/RT 101177170

Mechanical data
Mechanical life 100.000 operations
restistance to shock 30 g / 18 ms
Latching (Y/N) Yes
Unlocking type Draw unlocking
Probing possible (Y/N) No
mounting flange available (Y/N) Yes
Snap mechanism integrated in device head (Y/N) Yes
External snap mechanism (Y/N) No
Front plate thickness
- min. front plate thickness 1.5
- max. front plate thickness 6
Tightening torque for fixing screws 0,6

Ambient conditions
Ambient temperature
- Min. environmental temperature −25
- Max. environmental temperature +80
Storage and transport temperature
- Min. Storage and transport temperature
- Max. Storage and transport temperature
Fully insulated (Y/N) Yes
Sealing type membrane, lip seal
Protection type IP IP67, IP69K
- Height 45 mm
- diameters for the actuating heads Ø 50
- Hole, diameter 22.3 + 0,4
Spacing 50 x 50