RSS260-D-ST 103003602

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Product type description RSS260-D-ST
Article number 103003602
EAN Code
eCl@ss 27-27-24-01
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Mechanical data
Design of electrical connection Connector M8
mechanical installation conditions not flush
Actuating planes Actuation front side and lateral
Active area front and lateral
Switch distance front 12, lateral 9
Ensured switch distance ON front 10, lateral 6
Ensured switch distance OFF front 18, lateral 15
hysteresis max. 2 mm
Repeat accuracy R R < 0,5 mm
notice Axial offset: The long side allows for a maximum height misalignment (x) of sensor and actuator of 8 mm (e.g. mounting tolerance or due to guard door sagging). The axial misalignment (y) is max. ± 18 mm.
see drawing: Operating principle
Minimum clearance between two sensor systems 100 mm
restistance to shock 30 g / 11 ms
Resistance to vibration 10 … 55 HZ, Amplitude 1 mm
Ambient conditions
Ambient temperature
- Min. environmental temperature −25
- Max. environmental temperature +65
- Min. Storage and transport temperature −25
- Max. Storage and transport temperature +85
Protection class IP65, IP67 to IEC/EN 60529
Air clearances and creepage distances To IEC/EN 60664-1
- Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp 0,8 kV
- Overvoltage category III
- Degree of pollution 3
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
Interfering radiation to IEC 61000-6-4
EMC rating to IEC 60947-3
Electrical data
Cross circuit/short circuit recognition possible (Y/N) Yes
Voltage type DC
Switch frequency 1
Rated insulation voltage Ui 32 VDC
Rated operating voltage Ue (stabilised PELV)
- Min. Rated operating voltage 20.4 VDC
- Max. Rated operating voltage 26.4 VDC
Operating current Ie 0,6 A
No-load current I0 0,1 A
Required rated short-circuit current 100 A
notice The cable section of the interconnecting cable must be observed for both wiring variants! Cable length and cable section alter the voltage drop depending on the output current
Electrical data - Safety inputs
Safety inputs X1 and X2
Rated operating voltage Ue 24 VDC − 15% / +10%
Electrical data - Safety outputs
Safety outputs Y1 and Y2
Number of secure semi-conductor outputs 2
Max. output current at secured output 0,25 A
Residual current Ir ≤ 0,5 mA
Operating current Ie max. 0,25 A
Utilisation category DC-12: 24 V / 0,25 A
DC-13: 24 V / 0,25 A
Electrical data - Diagnostic output
Serial diagnostics (Y/N) No
Fuse rating short-circuit proof
Design of control output p-type
Number of semi-conductor outputs with signaling function 1
Operating current 0,05 A
Voltage drop Ud < 1 V
Utilisation category DC-12: 24 V / 0,05 A
DC-13: 24 V / 0,05 A
LED switching conditions display
LED switching conditions display (Y/N) Yes
Number of LED´s 3
- green LED Supply voltage
- red LED Error
- yellow LED switching condition
Explosion protection categories for gases None
Explosion protected category for dusts None
Dimensions of the sensor
- Width of sensor 39.2 mm
- Height of sensor 18
- Length of sensor 29.5