AZM300B-ST-1P2P-A 103001423

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Product type description AZM300B-ST-1P2P-A
Article number 103001423
EAN Code
eCl@ss 27-27-26-03
Подробно описание

Mechanical data
Design of electrical connection Connector M12, 8-pole, A-coded
Mechanical life ≥ 1.000.000 operations
notice - Mechanical life (when used as door stop) ≥ 50.000 operations for guards ≤ 5 kg;
actuating speed ≤ 0,5 m/s
Switch distance 2
Ensured switch distance ON 1
Ensured switch distance OFF 20
restistance to shock 30 / 11
Resistance to vibration 10 … 150 HZ, Amplitude 0,35 mm
Emergency unlocking device (Y/N) No
Manual release (Y/N) Yes
Emergency release (Y/N) No
Latching (Y/N) Yes
Latching force 25 / 50
Clamping force F 1150 N
Actuator and interlock misalignment ≤ 2
fixing screws 2 x M6
Ambient conditions
Ambient temperature
- Min. environmental temperature 0
- Max. environmental temperature +60
Storage and transport temperature
- Min. Storage and transport temperature −10
- Max. Storage and transport temperature +90
Protection class IP66, IP67, IP69 to IEC 60529
Protection rating II
Air clearances and creepage distances To IEC/EN 60664-1
- Rated impulse withstand voltage 0,8
- Overvoltage category III
- Degree of pollution 3
Electrical data
Number of auxiliary contacts 0
Number of safety contacts 2
Cross circuit/short circuit recognition possible (Y/N) Yes
Power to unlock No
Power to lock Yes
Supply voltage (stabilised PELV) 24 −15 / +10
Switch frequency 0,5
Operating current 100 (without load)
Rated insulation voltage 32 VDC
Operating current Ie 1 A
Utilisation category DC-13
Required rated short-circuit current 100 A
Device insulation 2 A
notice Cable length and cable section alter the voltage drop depending on the output current
Electrical data - Safety inputs
Safety inputs X1 and X2
Switching thresholds −3 … 5 ( Low)
15 … 30 ( High)
Operating current 5 mA / 24 V
Electrical data - Safety outputs
Safety outputs Y1 and Y2
Design of control output short-circuit proof, p-type
Rated operating voltage 0 … 4 under Supply voltage
Residual current ≤ 0,5
Operating current 0,25 A
Utilisation category DC-12, DC-13
Test impulse width < 0,5
Test frequency 1
Electrical data - Diagnostic output
Serial diagnostics (Y/N) No
Design of control output short-circuit proof, p-type
Rated operating voltage Ue 0 V … 4 V under Supply voltage UB
Operating current 0,05 A
Utilisation category DC-12, DC-13
Wiring capacitance for serial diagnostics -
diagnostic signals guard door closed and interlocking device locked
Operating principle of the diagnostic output The short-circuit proof diagnostic output OUT can be used for central visualisation or control tasks, e.g. in a PLC.
notice The diagnostic output is not a safety-relevant output!
Electrical data - Solenoid control IN
Switching thresholds −3 … 5 (Low)
15 … 30 (High)
Operating current 10 mA / 24 V
LED switching conditions display
LED switching conditions display (Y/N) Yes
LED switching conditions display
- Supply voltage green LED
- switching condition yellow LED
- Error functional defect red LED
Explosion protection categories for gases None
Explosion protected category for dusts None
Dimensions of the sensor
- Width of sensor 85
- Height of sensor 100
- Length of sensor 35