Product brand name SIRIUS
Product category SIRIUS 3RQ3 coupling relays in slim design
Product designation Coupling relays with relay output (not plug-in)
Design of the product Output coupling link
Product type designation 3RQ3

Подробно описание

General technical data
Display version LED Yes
Product component
● Relay output Yes
● semi-conductor output No
Consumed active power 0.3 W
Insulation voltage
● for overvoltage category III according to IEC
— with degree of pollution 3 rated value 300 V
Surge voltage resistance rated value 4 kV
maximum permissible voltage for safe isolation
● between control and auxiliary circuit 300 V

Percental drop-out voltage related to the input
10 %
Protection class IP IP20
Shock resistance
● acc. to IEC 60068-2-27 sinusoidal half-wave 15g / 11 ms
Vibration resistance
● acc. to IEC 60068-2-6 6 ... 150 Hz: 2 g
Operating frequency maximum 72 000 1/h
Switching behavior monostable
Mechanical service life (switching cycles)
● typical 10 000 000
Electrical endurance (switching cycles)
● at AC-15 at 230 V typical 100 000
Thermal current 6 A
Reference code acc. to DIN EN 81346-2 K